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Ó Frithchiclipéid.

Hi, I didn't know I had been blocked, I haven't been on the wiki recently. I'm not actually fluent in Irish but I like the language. If the offer to be an admin is still standing I'd be happy to be one.

Carlb complaints from vandal[athraigh]

Hey sir/madame Chatvolant: Bonjour! you having fun yet? I sure am. I don't know anything in Irish except Erin go bragh. Needless to say, i expect an eternal cosc for all this " Carlb sucks dick" merde. Some of this I'm doing is really making me laugh out loud. The role i play of troll is thrilling, though at your expense. Hell, i could do this all day. Carlb 's server sucks, you already know that. Slow as shit. He probably really is gay, though. And please for the love of Sophia and fnurdletoot, do make an Oscar Wilde article here, even if it does take a couple of hours here on Carlb's server. Merci beaucoup. 07:56, 2 Lúnasa 2013 (UTC)

Oh yes, I have already coisceadh you gan teorainn. Please stop it. I know vandalism and trolling is fun, and I know Carlb's server is slow but trolling on his wikis will not change that, and his sexuality has nothing to do with anything thanks. I will see what I can do about Carlb's servers, if anything, and I will make sure you quit your messing. P.S. Don't delete talk page comments either; that's also a blockable offence. (And I am in no capacity to make an Oscar Wilde article as I don't speak Irish.) Llwy-ar-lawr 03:59, 3 Lúnasa 2013 (UTC)